Saturday, August 2, 2014

Description of Mass Media in Movie

I remember seeing Resurrecting The Champ when I was in college studying communication, media, and journalism. Some dialogs struck me strongly I decided to write it down in a notepad file. I rediscover the excerpt in my old PC and it's still so relevant today. So here they are

I'm here to help Showtime do what it does best, and that is entertaining the shit out of its audience. because in the end, absolutely everything is about entertaining the audience.

There is no journalism anymore, there is no news. The people  who claim to the hopes that they can inform the world, only slightly less naive than people who think they can pray their way out of the tsunami, and do you know the one thing that people don't want, is the truth.

I was more interested in writing what I want the story to be than what it actually was, the truth

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