Wednesday, February 18, 2015

8 Different Things and 6 Same things I Do When Going to a Rock Concert NOT in My Early Twenties

Last year, an unexpected great occasion happened. I read that Avenged Sevenfold will do a South Asia Tour and will play in Jakarta in Jan 18th 2015. I was so excited since I missed their previous show years before due to common undergrad student’s poor finance.

Second chance rarely happens in concert situation here in my country so since I’ve got a job now and slightly better state of bank account I bought the pre-sale tickets immediately. It was fun, and yet I’ve noticed that a couple things indeed change when you’re going to a rock concert NOT in your early twenties

  1. I said I bought ticket immediately but actually I’m not rushing.. and didn’t felt nervous either. I was calm enough and pretty much ok when I saw the VIP front section was sold out until a younger friend of mine found other website that still has VIP front section and kindly offered to buy it for me. It used to be an ultimate target for me to be in front row…but now I’m content for middle section.
  2. Felt a bit of relief when I opened the promoter’s website and read that show would start at 7 PM… really… that’s neat! So it would approximately end at 9 PM. Praise god I can get decent hours of night sleep before Monday and its meeting routine
  3. Then after I acquired the real ticket (my very kind friend picked it for both of us) I read on it that show started at 8 PM… hmm 10 PM is kinda late, but I’ll just nap a bit in the taxi
  4. I opted for dark blue long sleeve t-shirt and dark blue jeans instead of my usual BLACK
  5. I stocked my little bag with snacks and water, just to keep the energy level while waiting. I usually survived with only lunch and not eating anything until after the show, somehow water was also not a necessity for me.
  6. I didn’t put heavy eyeliner and dark eye shadows also didn’t do black nail
  7. After the gate was opened and we were waiting in front of the stage for a good 2 hours, I was so glad that the crowd wisely decided to sit down for a while on the floor. That’s good, we need to save our energy for the 2 hours show
  8. Then I got a bit miffed when randomly they started to stand up while the show isn’t started for at least another hour… calm down kids we didn’t need to abuse our feet.

But after that, some things remained the SAME

  1. My level of excitement was definitely raised as per usual when roadie and tech started to come up the stage and set the equipment
  2.  Start to chant the band’s name with fellow fan
  3.  Making the loudest scream when band entered the stage and hit us with first song
  4. Head banging and singing and jumping to your favorite songs
  5.  Make usual horn sign with both hands
      Literally sighing and swooning together with other girls when watching Synyster Gates doing solos on stage like this

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